Corporate Tax Planning is the legal way of reducing the tax burden. Companies all around the world spend huge sums of money to outsource Corporate Tax Planning services or simply have an in-house team to carry out the job. Tax planning includes meticulous data analysis. This data includes expense sheets, capital budgeting, and all transactions related to sales and marketing.

Corporate Tax Planning is a way of lowering liabilities on a registered company. The responsible team files for employee healthcare, business transportation, and other such expenses so that the tax can be reduced. Effective corporate tax planning increases the cash flow of your firm as well as the profits i.e, PAT (Profit after-tax). When a company is able to reduce its tax obligation, it is free to spend more on upgrading the workplace and innovating the products and services it offers.

corporate tax planning

Reducing the tax obligation also enables companies to invest in their Research and Development (R&D) department. R&D progress basically improves the quality and efficiency of the products that a company produces. R&D departments are one of the most effective pillars of innovation in the market.

Capital Accounting Works is here to provide you with effective and timely Corporate Tax Planning customized exactly according to your business size and nature. Most people, especially new business owners get confused by the tax laws and regulations due to jargon and complicated wording. This makes them overwhelmed and they end up outsourcing the work for ridiculously high charges or mess it up on their own. We ask you to research properly and contact us to get as much guidance you require to understand how choosing the right firm for this job is necessary. Contact us through email and let us know your queries.

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  • 12 May 2020
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corporate tax planning

Corporate Tax Planning

As a result of ever increasing corporation tax compliance and reporting obligations, the complexities of complying with fiscal rules and harsher penalty regimes mean the tax compliance requirements of a business can have a significant impact. Often consuming a large amount of management time, effort and costs.

We can provide tax compliance services tailored to meet your needs, whether you require an independent tax compliance review, specific technical advice or a fully out-sourced tax compliance service, allowing management to focus on the core business.

Our clients range from owner-managed businesses to complex corporate structures.

Who would find this service useful?

  • established companies and groups looking for a new tax adviser
  • recently active/start up companies
  • UK branches of overseas groups
  • limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships with corporate partners/members
  • non-resident landlords
  • groups undertaking corporate restructuring and recovery activities

What we offer our clients

  • preparation and review of tax provisions and notes for inclusion in individual company and consolidated group Statutory Accounts, including those prepared under IFRS
  • interim tax reporting for accounting purposes
  • preparation of company and group corporation tax computations and returns
  • guidance and advice on complex tax rules and legislation under corporation tax self-assessment
  • advice on tax reliefs and allowances
  • monitoring and advising on tax liabilities and due dates for corporation tax including quarterly instalment review and calculations
  • liaising with HM Revenue & Customs and dealing with correspondence
  • dealing with HMRC enquiries
  • monitoring, advising and preparation of claims and elections
  • an integrated service with all other areas of taxation including;VAT, Employee tax & incentives and remuneration planning

Contact us

For further details about our tax compliance services please contact the team.