Pay Roll


At CAW, we understand that our clients want an accountant that can deal with everything on their behalf. They have no wish to receive a partial service and then have to deal separately with a different payroll provider.

As an accountancy firm however, the investment in the systems, people and time required to provide an in-house payroll service to your clients may not make it a financially viable option particularly with the increasing burden of Auto Enrolment.

That’s why we provide a fully managed outsourced payroll service specifically designed for accountants.

Our services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and sit seamlessly alongside your other services, enabling you to provide the service your clients want, in a cost effective and hassle free way.

Benefits to your firm of outsourcing to CAW

Increase your bottom line
No investment required in employing specialist payroll staff and payroll software whilst having the ability to make healthy margins by invoicing clients directly.

Stress and hassle free
Let us take the burden of keeping up to date with changes to payroll legislation and managing Auto Enrolment.

Reduce your risk
Reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes from staff being taken away from your core fee-earning work.

Our goal as a payroll provider is to provide a quality, efficient and cost effective service to accountants enabling them to offer a full range of service to their clients.

It is why we designed our payroll service to work on a simple pricing structure from as little as £3.50 per pay slip which we build around your specific requirements.

So whether you have large or small payroll clients, or even just Director only payments, you will find our service is priced considerably lower than the market rate.

Contact the team now on 0117 935 3900 or email our sales team.

Outsourcing Services we offer

Flexible Managed Payroll

  • Cost effective, alternative to managing your clients payroll in house.
  • Tailored service to fit with your internal processes and client needs.
  • Pricing structure specifically designed to enable a healthy margin through invoicing clients directly.


  • Additional BACS service provided at no extra cost.
  • Includes creation of BACS CSV and payments to both employees and HMRC on your behalf.

Auto Enrolment Support

  • Full Auto Enrolment support from start to finish.
  • Initial workforce assessments and AE cost impact analysis.
  • Day to day pensions management including direct link to NEST systems
  • Comprehensive suite of A.E. comms to enable your clients to communicate with their staff.
  • Continuous employee assessment as part of payroll process.