If you are a start-up company in the UK you might or might not know about keeping the Statutory records of a company up to date. It is crucial for these records to be completely accurate and timely. The majority of UK companies are required to keep a statutory register. This is a very important part of keeping a company running smoothly. In order for one to do that, a company needs to have a Registered Office. Well, that’s where Capital Accounting Works comes in.

The Companies Act, 2013 requires every company to have a maintained record of its registered head office’s accounts that include the financial year record of all of its branches too.

RA Company Sectr

Why are Statutory Registers Difficult to maintain?

As one gets busier and busier with the daily transactions and financial activities of a business, statutory registers being one of the easiest tasks to do can often go unattended. Many business owners are mistaken to think that maintaining their yearly filings is enough to be considered a legitimate business with no consequences to be faced by the authorities. But that is not the case and this is why we can help you achieve this by acting as your Registered Office just like RA company Secretaries Ltd in London UK does. If one fails to maintain this, it is a criminal offense and can endanger the reputation of a company in the market. Therefore, RA company Secretaries Ltd in London UK is here to make sure that your precious time is spent expanding your business while we worry about maintaining those boring yet crucial books. Our job is to make sure your business runs smoothly.

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